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Baby Presents

San Lyra

San Lyra, check in as guest, stay in as family

Your 2nd home in this special 1st month of motherhood

Bedroom Interior

Lyra Rooms


Cozy yet elegant

Combining maximum comfort and functionality, Soothing design, comfortable bedding and open-concept bathrooms with spa-inspired rain showers ensure a truly restful stay

Baby Toes

Lyra Baby Room

Hush, little baby

Equipped with 24hour CCTV surveillance, card access system, air steriliser, hand sanitizer to ensure a safe and conducive environment for your baby. Only nurses and parents are allowed to be in the baby room

Lyra Meals

let food be thy medicine, let medicine be thy food
6 meals (3 mains, 2 snacks, 1 supper) with herbal tonic soup will be served daily. Daily milk boosting tea and free flow of confinement rejuvenation tea.

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