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「思庭泌乳諮詢團隊-Love Latch Sdn Bhd」, The leading Lactation Specialist team from Taiwan lead by breast surgeon. All therapists are qualified under International Lactation Care’s Certification (ILCSC) course

My Story

Regardless you feed your baby by latching or bottle feed, as long as your baby drink your breast milk, you are doing a great job!

The most important thing during your breastfeeding journey is to stay relax and comfortable.


Smiling Baby


Catherine Gan

通过闺蜜的介绍,认识到了Love Latch.

很专业的通乳团队,你们让我更有把握的掌握亲喂的技巧和时机. 谢谢Love Latch

Jenny Ee

泌乳师细心的服务和专业的讲解让我更加了解自己的情况 也教导我如何正确为乳房做检查


Elaine Tin

遇到塞奶的问题不懂如何解决, 找到好的泌乳师很重要 ! love latch的泌乳师很专业 ,推乳后会和你解释问题在哪里 要注意什么, 不清楚自己RT什么size可以到那里询问泌乳师哦!


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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