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I’m Ashlee. I’m 

Passionate in improving your baby’s sleep 

Tailored & gentle solutions 

Alumni of UK Sleep Nanny Academy

My Story

I got married in 2014 and after three years of active trying to conceive, my husband and I decided to seek for medical help. Then, I found out that I have Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) which affect my ability to conceive. My gynae prescribed me with some medicine. Unfortunately, it did not work but we didn't give up and kept praying for miracle.

In 2019, we were thinking to go for IVF since I would be hitting 35yo soon (I was 32 at that time), however covid-19 hit and we didn't get the chance to go for it. Fortunately, I managed to conceive in 2020 but suffered a miscarriage. 8 months later, I conceived again and delivered my rainbow baby girl, Sarah, in 2021. 

When Sarah was two month-old, she won't sleep and wake up every 2 hours throughout the day and night. I was devastated and worried about her development. Elderly folks would tell me to cap her nap, so she would sleep longer at night. Of course it didn't happen. My friend in New Zealand suggested me to speak to her friend who is a sleep consultant and it changed my life. 

Firstly, the advice from the elderly folks were incorrect. Baby should have good nap to have longer sleep at night. Since then, I would do whatever it takes for Sarah to have 4-5 hours of nap and as expected, her night sleep gets longer too. Eventually, she slept through the night at 3month-old. 

I, then got very interested at this topic and got myself certified as sleep consultant with a top UK baby sleep academy (Sleep Nanny Academy).

At 4 month old, I taught her to self-sooth to sleep after breastfeeding. After two weeks of patiently trying, she is able to sleep independently without needing my breast as pacifier or rocking anymore. (God bless my sore arms and body from carrying a 8.5kg of baby).


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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