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Let food be thy medicine, let medicine be thy food

6 meals will be served along with free flow confinement rejuvenation tea. Daily milk boosting tea will be served.

Meals are specially designed by a team of TCM practitioners, nutritionists and prepared by professional chefs of Quisine 蕴后膳.

Quisine combines modern scientific nutrition knowledge and Taiwan's high-quality service experience to provide suitable nutrition for women in their postpartum period.  We are your close friend, we care about your balanced daily diet and will be your personal nutrition planner, assisting you to improve your physical fitness through eating real food.


Each main meal will come with 1 multigrain rice, 2 main dishes, 1 vegetable, 1 soup and 1 confinement rejuvenation tea. Tonic soups served every night will be tailored according to your postpartum weeks.

Marble Surface
Tea Time



Tea Time


月子餐算是比较科学的,先排毒后滋补,让产后妈咪的身体吸收营养得来又不会肥腻。每天都很期待他们的汤水。还有茶饮, 有泌乳茶,养肝茶,,杜仲茶和红枣茶等等。

Tea Time


膳食营养均衡。每天都变着花样来让我们保持新鲜感。 每日餐点都很讲究均衡和加奶饮食,汤水三盅,整体很棒!


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