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I am Alice Liaw.


I have been engaged in the postpartum care industry for nearly 20 years. I used to be a chef in a confinement center, a nanny in a confinement center, and I also worked as a confinement lady as well.

My Story

Currently, I am the operation manager of San Lyra Postnatal Rejuvenation Centre. My main responsibility would be handling all issues which a postpartum mommy would encounter, which including but not limited to helping mommy in boosting breastmilk supply, providing mommy lactation advices, planning mommy daily diet, helping in daily newborn care and etc.

Mommy nowadays prefers scientific way of doing confinement, they expect a better postpartum care experience and a more professional newborn care service. I believe that with my experiences and my continuous self-enhancement by participating in various postpartum training courses over the years (including attended postpartum care courses in Taiwan), mommies who choose San Lyra Postnatal Rejuvenation Centre as their postpartum service provider would surely get the highest quality of postpartum care during the whole 28days of confinement period.

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